It's a rock n' roll on-the-road backstage pass taking you from the L.A. enclaves of Laurel Canyon to a Topanga rental where Neil Young once performed on the deck. Pharrell's new Miami Happy Hotel vs the iconic Phoenix in San Francisco. Janis Joplin's last night at the Highland Gardens Hotel in Hollywood, NYC's HGU Bebe Buell cocktail plus DOIN' TIME with Jon Phillips of Silverback Music Management - putting artists like Sublime on the map, a secret diner in a record shop and a throwback with John Legend & his nephew Tay Da Prince.


So what really goes on backstage during a video music shoot? First there's hair & make-up and then more hair & make-up. There's alot of hurry-up and waiting... There's your local handcrafted pickle maker with a plethora of samples to pucker on all day long. There's the gifting suite with cool swag choices from sunglasses to jewelry made out of bullets by Bullets 4 Peace. There's willingly and most enthusiastically giving up your chair so Dionne Warwick can sit down. There's Marshawn Lynch's relative and creator of "We Are The World" Ken Kragen. There's those who got the memo to wear white and those (us) who did not. There's waiting for Keanu Reeves to show up but he's stuck in traffic and we just can't wait anymore because our flight leaves in like 30 minutes... But someday Keanu - someday.

See the final video filmed at SMASHBOX Studios down below - and meanwhile, Let's Get Happy with Pharrell's new hotel in Miami...


Find your own rhythm at Pharrell Williams' artsy hotel. With its Art Deco Wes Anderson vibe of which Pharrell says that "it's like Margot Tenenbaum". Unwind all day at indoor-outdoor Strawberry Moon Cafe or chill in the lobby lounge with a "Purple Rain" cocktail mixed with Avion Blanco tequila, ShOchU, butterfly pea flower and lavender...

Rock n' Roll hotel icon

THE PHOENIX San Francisco

The rock n' roll spirit of this 1950s-era motor court hotel is an oasis amid downtown San Fran & second home to traveling musicians. Legendary stories like the time Debbie Harry & JFK Jr. accidentally checked into the same room, or the note left on Phoenix stationary found in Kurt Cobain's pocket after his death and Neil Young lived here while recording DEJA VU Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's album.



LAUREL CANYON BOXHOUSE - Laurel Canyon, California

So many iconic songs of the 1960s were written in this mountainous enclave of Los Angeles. Laurel Canyon BOXHOUSE is set against the Hollywood hills - you can grab your groceries at Canyon Country Store, "where the creatures meet," as sang by The Doors.

RAMP HOUSE - Austin, Texas

Austin, home to countless music venues and the celebrated South by Southwest Music Festival was also Janis Joplin's city for the early part of the 1960s. RAMP HOUSE vacation rental defies convention, with its inverted floor plan & shocking bolts of Rock n' Roll color.


It was in the South of France where the Rolling Stones recorded their classic album, "Exile on Main Street" from a villa. ARTIST'S HOUSE located in Grasse, has long attracted the creative persuasion with its ample sunlight and art-bedecked walls for inspiration.

WALMER YARD - London, England

The lives of The Beatles were defined by London, from Abbey Road - the recording studio where the Fab Four laid their legendary tracks, to Chiswick House, where they shot 2 films. WALMER YARD in Notting Hill is a musical dwelling with a harmonious architectural style.

TOPANGA HOUSE - Topanga Canyon, California

Neil Young "Heart of Gold" singer was one famous resident of this Los Angeles enclave that has historically been home to the artistic intelligentsia. This inspired canyon home residence TOPANGA HOUSE, is where they say Neil Young once performed out on the deck.


Meet Jon Phillips CEO of Silverback Music Management. As an artist manager he moves from a SoCal lifestyle vibe around the realms of Reggae to the sounds of New Orleans, his second home. But no matter where his travels take him, his pure love for music and his passion to support artists has him working with so many talented musicians like our friend Ethan Tucker, to Slightly Stoopid and George Porter Jr.(The Meters bassist) to Ivan Neville of Dumpstaphunk. Jon helped put SUBLIME on the map with their self-titled album selling over 27 million copies which has since been listed as one of the most well-regarded albums of the 1990s by Rolling Stone Magazine. With live shows & venues slowly opening, we caught up with Jon to chat about music, backstage memories and discuss 'where do we go from here'...


Do you recall the first 45’s you owned?

I remember as a kid about 6-7 years old I had Cheech & Chong's "Basketball Jones" and "Bloat On." I also remember I had the original Casablanca Records & Filmworks label of Donna Summer "On the Radio". Also "My Sharona" by The Knack and the "Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band".

What band or musician do you wish you could have seen live before their passing?

#1 Jimi Hendrix without a doubt, Miles Davis and Duane Allman (founder/original leader of Allman Brothers Band).

What’s your favorite music club in New Orleans? And your top music hang-out in L.A.?

In New Orleans, Tipitina's - the Church of Funk & Rock n' Roll where SOUL is just seeped into its walls & floors. Dumpstaphunk recently played there with only 100 allowed in, following social distancing.. Imagine 100 people having to stay seated and not be able to dance to Dumpstaphunk. In L.A. it would be The Mint LA on Pico, Todd the owner keeps the funk alive. I saw G. Love & Special Sauce there in 1993. They used to have recordings there, it's a unique joint that has a great local vibe.

What is a question you think everyone should ask themselves every day? "HOW CAN I DO BETTER?"

Can you share one of your most memorable “backstage” stories?

In high school I had tickets to see Pink Floyd's A Momentary Lapse of Reason with David Gilmore at the Oakland Coliseum, but we were late to the show because of an accident on the Bay Bridge, so we missed the whole first set... We had hospitality passes backstage, so we hung out there and then David Gilmore walked in - my favorite guitar player of guitar players - he's a legend and was so humble! We got to talk to him and shake his hand and we ended up getting more tickets for the show the next night. That's my story that is suitable for print!

What would this chapter of your life be called? Well, as the title of Dumpstaphunk's album states "Where Do We Go From Here" - I suppose that's a repetitive theme in the chapters of our lives...

Please tell us about your Sound Lab Work Experience Program?

We have always welcomed young people - college kids looking to get work credit or just wanting to learn about the music industry from both the management and label perspective - and get some hands on experience. Over the years we have met great, smart young people who became part of our family. I wish we had openings to hire so many more, but I feel redeemed that they have continued on their own successful paths in the industry.

What's new & happening currently at Silverback?

As you know, we have partnered under the Red Light Management umbrella back in 2019. We have some fresh new stuff coming out of SoCal from singer, songwriter DENM and there's Fortunate Youth - DIY American reggae rock from Hermosa Beach. A big signing with 8 time Grammy winner Stephen "Ragga" Marley, working out of his Miami home studio (Bob Marley's son). Jakob Nowell, the band LAW's frontman(son of Bradley Nowell - former lead singer and guitarist of Sublime).. Our musicians have been writing & recording prolifically - new music from Katastro's new album (a Phoenix, AZ artist), Ethan Tucker, and of course Slightly Stoopid's new music & ending the year celebrating a return to normalcy at Closer To The Sun!!


Thanks Jon!!


This iconic record shop also serves as a secret diner with some of West Seattle's best breakfast & brunch menus around. Everything from a Lou Reed Reuben and Mama Cass Sand to The Salad of John and Yoko, James Browns (hash browns) or Bennie And The Jets ( eggs benedict ). There's also your Soundgarden Burger and Eddie Fetta from Vedder's personal recipe. Beer, wine and a full service coffee bar of course.


The Legendary Hollywood Highland Gardens - a 1955 mid-century modern property, originally named the Landmark Motor Hotel was frequented in the 60s and 70s by many famous musicians - Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison whose one of two rooms, #107 was next door to where Janis Joplin lived out the last months and sadly the last night of her life on Oct. 4th, 1970. Room #105 is rentable and a memorial shrine for her fans. Upstairs you can rent The Ultimate Rock N' Roll Room #235 - with leather couches, cocktail bar, purple shag carpet and a hot pink faux rhinoceros head mounted on the wall.

BEBE BUELL cocktail

Rock n' Roll "muse" Bebe Buell inspired everyone from Todd Rundgren & Steven Tyler to Mick Jagger & Elvis Costello. The HGU Hotel in New York City offers rock star cocktails (named after 'Girlfriends of The Rolling Stones') in their 1905 Lounge - Here's one of many...

Throwback November 2019 we were honored to partake with Love Notes in the video shoot of LOVE ONE ANOTHER with Tay Da Prince, nephew of John Legend & all their kind friends LOVE ONE ANOTHER FOUNDATION



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