We're coasting into the end of summer with a serendipitous Shake Shack stop and view along the Pacific Coast Hwy & into Laguna Beach, home of WYLAND Flagship Gallery, renown Marine Artist WYLAND of the Whaling Walls (100 life-sized murals around the world he painted for free to bring awareness to ocean conservation). He tells us about the adding of #101 mural back in Seattle with his own Rock n' Roll Spirit and a Conservation Heart - plus a little help from Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. He's also the Official Artist for The USA Olympic Surf Team, raising funds to support the surf team & Hawaii's Superstar Carissa Moore - Surfing's 1ST GOLD Medalist debut at the Tokyo games. We caught up with Wyland en-route to the grand opening of his gallery in Kauai - read full interview below. Then head over to THE HIVE in Laguna's historically cool Arts District and Summer of Color murals. Whether you live like a siren on Mermaid Street or like a land-lover at the ANTI-MALL - follow the waves from Laguna to Surf City USA, Alaska to Seattle... Plus 10 minutes of Venice Beach!



Surfer's Hall of Fame

Surfers’ Hall of Fame celebrated its first induction in 1997 inside of specialty retailer Huntington Surf & Sport. The ceremony moved outside to the corner of PCH and Main; less than 100 feet from the famed Huntington Beach Pier and site of the U.S. Open of Surfing. Visitors to Huntington’s downtown literally walk in the footsteps of surfing superstars and legends from several eras - including Laird Hamilton, Mike Doyle, Jack O’Neill, Robert August, Greg Noll, Al Merrick, Jericho Poppler, Kelly Slater, Lisa Andersen, Martin Potter, Shaun Tomson and Rob Machado immortalized in cement prints.

International Surfing Museum

world's largest surfboard

411 Olive Ave.


Congratulations to Carissa Moore officially making history as the very 1ST surfing gold medalist at surfing's Olympic debut in Tokyo.

She is a 4 time WSL Women's World Tour Champion & became a member of the Surfers' Hall of Fame in 2014. She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Pictured here with WYLAND & the two surf boards with his artwork and her signature, that collectively raised $16,000.00 for the USA Team.

WYLAND is the Official Artist for The US Olympic Surf Team and he designed a limited run of exclusive apparel with proceeds going towards the surf team and to the Wyland Foundation. Joining forces to promote U.S. efforts for clean water and healthy oceans.

USA Surfing – Wyland Foundation LINK HERE

WYLAND's iconic Olympic art "Faster, Higher, Stronger" raised additional funds for the athletes and USA Surfing's clean ocean partnership with the Wyland Foundation. Proceeds from every purchase goes directly to this new partnership for ocean conservation.

Wyland Foundation LINK HERE


Wyland Flagship Gallery

509 S. Coast Highway



Congratulations on your 2ND of 100 MONUMENTAL SCULPTURE "Orca Dream" (25ft life-sized orca breaching sculpture). Just recently dedicated on June 12th in Hoonah, Alaska. Your 1st MONUMENTAL is in Beijing - what is the process for choosing a location for your public art?

WYLAND - I was chosen #86 by Beijing's International Sculpture Park with over 180 sculptors from around the world. This 1ST Monumental is 3 life-sized dolphins titled "Faster, Higher, Stronger". The 2ND "Orca Dream" was paid for thanks to Frank Del Rio CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line - it was suppose to go to Seattle with zero cost to the city but they dragged their feet - it takes longer to get permission than it does for me to make them. So, "Orca Dream" found its perfect home at Icy Strait Point a private port operated by Huna Totem as a village corporation owned by Alaska Natives with aboriginal ties to Hoonah and Glacier Bay area. 2ND was welcomed with a blessing from the elders and I feel that's where it was suppose to end up.

You have been diving all around the world for 30+ years. What was one of your most magical diving experiences?

WYLAND - I never had one that wasn't magical! When you are floating weightless in the ocean.. it's like flying. It inspires all of my art - my painting, the songs I write, and the films I make. As a diver, I get to see it all first hand and take it all in - and then I can share it with the world.

You recently re-painted a mural back in Seattle from 1985 - making it #101 and you felt this was your best one, and Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam even joined you up on the scaffolding. Can you tell us the story behind the original mural?

WYLAND - Well, new owners of The Edgewater Hotel painted over the original from 1985. I was in Seattle for the inaugural cruise of the NORWEGIAN BLISS - a Norwegian Cruise Line ship that I painted the ship's hull. The GM of The Edgewater Hotel, who was a Bell Hop at the time I painted the original mural there, asked me if I would consider a RE-DO. So now there it is over-looking Elliott Bay - portraying Seattle's local pod of Orcas (JPOD). Ed joined me on the scaffolding and the band has a suite named after them - the "Pearl Jam Suite". I got the idea to tag the heck out of my room with my art - an octopus & jellyfish design on the walls. One of the room attendants saw it and I gave her a sshhhhhhhhh sign to keep it a secret. I checked out and went on the cruise. Days later I got a call that they loved it. But it's really all about planting the seeds of conservation in the hearts and minds of our youth - so they can be the ambassadors of conservation and the new world changers.


Check out his video here with Eddie Vedder, JPOD & Whaling Wall #101

credit Park West Gallery


Icy Straight Point in Hoonah, Alaska


The Edgewater Hotel

A Nobel House Hotel

2411 Alaskan Way

Since The Edgewater opened in 1962, a long list of musicians have called it home. The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Stevie Wonder, The Monkees, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, The Mamas and the Papas, Ray Charles, The Supremes, Willie Nelson, Blondie, Kurt Cobain, Jeff Beck, EmmyLou Harris, Jethro Tull, Lou Rawls, Neil Young, The Who, Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Johnny Cash, Chris Cornell, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, and Pearl Jam - You can rent the Pearl Jam suite featuring original band art, a turntable, & guitar to play - plus see in person Whaling Wall #101



2171 Laguna Canyon Road

The irony can't be missed here: when a mural that serves the purpose of reminding everyone who's visited Laguna of the city's commitment to Marine conservation and the arts - is literally in danger of being destroyed at the time of our visit there, from the building's owners ignoring the VARA Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990 - that protects public art from being destroyed. The building's owners want to develop the building and from what it looks like in their plans - it will become a brown wall. They offered The Wyland Foundation to move the wall, but experts assessed that it cannot be moved without suffering irreplaceable damage. The Wyland Foundation sent a letter to the building's owners asking for further permission for a closer look - but there has been no response to this letter. Local citizens rallied to a live press conference and peaceful protest on July 30th - before being dispersed by the police. WYLAND is not new to having to fight to protect his walls. He gifted "Whale Tower" #76 to his hometown of Detroit, Michigan and took on Big Brand Corporations - preventing them from taking it over with their billboards. "I'm not afraid of them", he said "I need to stick up for artists all around the world! No matter if you're a big brand - just be a nice human".

The Hive

805 to 859

Laguna Canyon Road

The Hive, nestled in Laguna Beach's historically cool Arts District is a creative collective with everything from food, art, design and beer. It is also a satellite location for Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD). This area is surrounded by professional creators, artisans, foodies, art lovers, & students of creative practices - a perfect hub & hive community with a series of 'the blooming' murals.


more murals




HABANA at The Lab

2930 Bristol Street

Absolutely DELICIOUS Nuevo Latino dining with authentic Cuban and Spanish classics. Feels like you have been transported to Cuba... Outdoor patio seating with outstanding service & tasty cocktails!


25 Years of ANTI-MALLISM

2930 Bristol Street

A relaxed indoor/outdoor space to shop specialized wares in a fun and eclectic setting. Browse and just hang out too. They also have several casual but hip restaurants to dine in or grab a drink...

COASTAL MARGS - just cuz

Cruisin' the coast searching for the perfect MARG. 1st stop was the CABO CANTINA - in the heart of Newport Beach and their 36 ounce Mega Marg & Oh Marg Gawd! was it good. Had to stop more than once, since they offer 22 flavors, but Mega Strawberry was top on the list. Next was a stop on the bay at BLUE WATER GRILL - the Serrano, fresh hand-crushed Serrano chili and you're hooked. Then there's the Lido House TOPSIDE ROOF DECK - The Starboard that wins for presentation, with a seasonal popsicle flavored with grapefruit, St. Germain, Amaro and bitters. Making our way to Huntington Beach to see if their MARGS make waves too... Found SANDY'S - BA Margarita. Look out for this one with two shots of 104 proof Tequila and a limit of 3 per guest!

2019 throwback with Lana Del Rey

“I played it (this song) for my managers and I was like, ‘Yeah, I think this is the single I want to put out,'” Del Rey told Lowe. “And they were like, ‘IT’S 10 MINUTES LONG. Are you kidding me? It’s called ‘Venice B*tch.” Like, ‘Why do you do this to us? Can you make a three-minute normal pop song?’ I was like, ‘Well, end of summer, some people just wanna drive around for 10 minutes and get lost in some electric guitar.'” - Lana Del Rey

Leavin' it here with 10 min of Venice...

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