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NFL season is here. Join in on some real fantasy football stuff with MARSHAWN LYNCH and his upcoming B-A-N-A-N-A-S BEASTMODE EXPERIENCE NFL Season opening this weekend in Las Vegas. We spoke with him and his sister Marreesha about BEASTMODE HQ retail store at The Shoppes in Mandalay Bay and his FAM 1st family foundation. Q&A with Seahawk Super Bowl Star Luke Willson. Plus our insider to Vegas off-the-beaten-path; a speakeasy, Spiegeltent, & seven magic mountains..



BEASTMODE at Mandalay Bay

Sep 10 – 13, 2021 | Las Vegas

BEASTMODE HQ (Marshawn Lynch's retail store)opened at The Shoppes in Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas. Featuring EX-NFL Running Back Star's exclusive Lynch-branded apparel & accessories. We spoke with Marshawn & his sister Marreesha who manages the HQ brand store.

BEASTMODE is such a great location at The Shoppes in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas – Congratulations! Can you tell us more about the retail store? "This is our 3rd store," says Marreesha "our first flagship was in Oakland and our 2nd store is in Seattle. I asked brother, why don't we open in Las Vegas and he said 'Why Vegas?' I wanted to bring it to people who wouldn't make it to Seattle or Oakland - a destination where people visit at least once in their lifetime and fans could follow. (this was before knowing about The Raiders relocation into the new stadium - so that was a double bonus) He thought about it and a week later agreed and it's been great! We have customers from all over - from the East coast and from down South. It is a great location just up the escalators and with The Raider Image official team store also just around the corner."

What’s happening for your BEASTMODE EXPERIENCE WEEKEND Sept 10-13?

"It's going to be BANANAS! Friday night kickoff party at Drai's Nightclub and Saturday we're hosting the Daylight Pool Party at Mandalay Bay with a BEASTMODE Tailgate at AREA15 later that evening and Sunday is BEASTMODE Football Season Opening Weekend at TOPGOLF Viewing Party for all the games - details can be found on Pollen."


Any words you can share about Davonte? "Davonte baby brother" - exclaims Marreesha "that's our baby! His heart is so loving and his energy is so great. He's a giver too! He's playing for The Spokane Shock and we're going to go see him in Texas - they made it to the playoffs."

We miss you in Seattle but thank you for all the highlights on and off the field – and for your kindness helping so many people – from all the Thanksgiving dinners to your FAM 1st Family Foundation. "It's all about GIVING BACK and remembering where we came from - its hard for families especially during Thanksgiving. We started feeding families out of our local High School in Oakland. Now we have a community center and feed over 1000 families - as many as we can."

Find more info about foundation here

Thank you for the call Marshawn and thank you Marreesha!!

BEASTMODE at The Shoppes

Allegiant stadium


GUNS N ROSES concert with Mammoth

by Willie Hoffee 09-27-21

"Oh Sweet Child... If you ever come to Vegas expect a larger then life experience. This concert was no exception. First of all the brand new Allegiant Stadium was clean and sharp. Entry was fast and painless. Lots and lots of space and views of Vegas. You could choose to wait in a line outside for merch or hit one of the many tables inside. Concessions everywhere, beer and hard drinks to be had at your seat or private box. This isn’t your 1980s concert experience. The prices were what I expected for a large venue. There seemed to be at times more stadium staff then music fans. Mammoth the opener was great. Wolfs vocals were right on. The band's playing was right on. Every song was recognizable. Guns was on spot as well. Axel sounded about like most of the better then average YouTube clips you’ve seen. Slash was right on as you would expect. Admittedly it was pretty cool hearing about 50k people screaming Sweet Child as loud as the band..."

Willie Hoffee with Liberaces' “Dancing Waters” Piano.

Thanks Willie!



525 Fremont St

COMMONWEALTH is a local clubhouse with a banging’ dancefloor, and virtuoso mixology topped off with famous roof top views of iconic Vegas. There's a gem of a speakeasy hidden within "Woven into the fabric of Las Vegas are stories upon stories... The Rat Pack, Howard Hughes, even Liberace all had their closest silks, secrets and sequins aired in our snuggery. Only the intrepid experience seeker will find their way in, their tenacity rewarded with meticulously-made cocktails and, if they’re lucky, our maestro tinkling away at the piano." Through a discreet entrance inside, strictly with reservation only. They promise not to air your dirty laundry...


at Fergusons Downtown Motel

Opening this month- Ryan Doherty, founder of the company behind some of Downtown Las Vegas’ top bars and restaurants, will bring retro desert charm and a touch of glamour to latest boutique restaurant and bar - PEYOTE. "A color-soaked oasis with an enhancing mix of distinctive brunch and dinner dishes, creative cocktails and funky, laid-back décor. The cactus and succulent garden will welcome and inspire a sense of free-spirited wanderlust and harmonious arrival."

Open 6pm-2am on Wed & Thursday, and noon to 2am from Fri to Sunday.



Located in the heart of the Las Vegas design district, Patina is the first stop for one of a kind vintage finds. Impressive collection of vintage couture clothing to the finest collection of furniture and home décor plus sophisticated floor lamps, chandeliers and pendants.



A 20 minute drive from the Strip - you'll find these 30+ feet high neon rock installations - large scale desert artwork, especially beautiful seen at dusk/dawn. Will remain on view until end of 2021.


Downtown Container Park,

The Gramercy and Henderson

Folklore has it that their great-uncles used to run with infamous Pancho Villa. They were his cooks or Pinches. So the story has it that every time Pancho Villa would get hungry, he would scream out "Pinche traime unos tacos!!" -- Cook, bring me some tacos -- Hence the name "Pinches Tacos".


Spiegeltent at Caesars Palace


— HuffPost "..The Gazillionaire dredged every broken-down circus, dive bar and detention center from Tokyo to Toledo in search of the world’s most sensationally talented, seductively beautiful artists. Whether this madcap crew of extraordinary exhibitionists is defying the laws of gravity or the limits of good taste, they live to perform for your pleasure—and theirs—on Absinthe‘s astonishingly intimate stage. So drink up and settle down, ’cause once the Green Fairy escapes her bottle, you’ll definitely be seeing things."


NFL tight end Luke Willson, Super Bowl winner with the Seattle Seahawks has announced he's walking away from football after just re-signing with the Seahawks - "After signing with the Seahawks yesterday, I have decided to walk away from the game of football," Willson wrote "This off-season I went through some health issues and spent numerous days in the hospital with a severe pericardial effusion. That situation has really challenged me as an individual and changed my perspective on a lot of things with regards to my life. After reflecting on everything yesterday and being in the building, I have decided that it's time for me to begin with the next chapter of my life." We caught up with Luke to check in...

Q&A with LUKE

1. How does it make you feel to be able to come back to Seattle and retire as a Seahawk?

LUKE: Honestly this part is a major blessing for me. Being able to talk to people within the organization made things much easier, but also made me realize I have a great support system here to help me through this transition!

2. You were born in Ontario – do you have any ‘Canadian’ traditions you enjoy?

LUKE: The area I was born and raised in, is about 10 minutes from Detroit, Michigan. So it is pretty 'Americanized" as far as traditions go.

4. What is the proudest moment of your career?

LUKE: I think the proudest moment would have been the 2016 season. I had a minor knee surgery and an MCL strain mid way through the season. I really worked hard to get back on the field and playing. It was a challenging ordeal both mentally and physically but it was worth it.

5. What’s on your ‘Bucket List’ for a travel destination?

LUKE: Italy! Specifically northern Italy. My mom is 100 percent Italian and I have heard about this area through my grandparents so I am really hoping to head to Italy soon!

6. Which hairstyle garnered the most attention – long or short?

LUKE: I think when I cut my hair short (a few years back haha) it was a big shock. But the long hair has definitely been my identity here in Seattle and I feel like that is more my vibe!

7. Was there a single decision or event when you knew you could make it in football?

LUKE: My sophomore season when I was on a midseason watchlist for the John Mackey award. It was at that point that it kind of dawned on me that the NFL could be a possibility.

8. Do you have a favorite Las Vegas hangout?

LUKE: Definitely the Cosmopolitan hotel. If I am going to Vegas that is where I spend most of my time!

9. What one song speaks to your soul?

LUKE: This is a tough one for me to answer because there are so so many songs that I find speak to my soul, but right now I am on a pretty heavy Nirvana kick so I would have to say "Come As You Are"

10. Would you swim with sharks?

LUKE: I can't really swim haha so no.

Thank you Luke - we'll miss you!!!

Throwbacks with Luke Willson - Luke Willson media fun on top of the Space Needle, Lady12s Fashion Show & Pop Up event at Microsoft...


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