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Now that we have a new office here in Scottsdale, we have to admit we really don’t miss when it’s rainin’ like a tall cow peein’ on a flat rock as they say, but we are grateful to enjoy the best of both worlds as we continue to expand from Seattle to out yonder...

Enjoy our first suitcase series



Have you heard of Cowboy Cheesecake Pie – Thunderation! Just outside of Phoenix is ROCK SPRINGS CAFE - the Mount Rushmore of PIES. They hold the Southwest "meringue" record for HEIGHT and that’s no taradiddles. They can ship a pie ( or two ) directly to you just about anywhere in the U.S.A.


Off ROUTE 66 by the historic town of Williams ya'll find a charming little inn - TRAPPERS RENDEZVOUS 6 rustic yet well-appointed, western cabins on 5 acres. The COZIEST place to eat your pie in peace with plenty o’ social distancing.

Overlooking the Verde Valley at more than 5000ft above sea level is a hip little historic mining town of JEROME. Amongst coffee houses, art galleries, & unique shops is the LIBERTY THEATRE. This movie theater opened in 1918 to 1930 and is a preserved silent film capsule. Did ya know that 27 Academy Award winning films have been shot in AZ -including the musical OKLAHOMA! One 1954 classic western starring Joan Crawford stands out “JOHNNY GUITAR” . This film is one of the boldest of its era - quirky and political Roger Ebert quoted of Crawford’s portrayal as Vienna, a strong-willed female saloon owner - “I never met a woman who was more man”.

One last thing to keep Ya from Barkin’ at a Knot, meet PUSCIFER “as much a clothing line as it is a band” - collaborating with Paul Frank and recording albums in Jerome. Here's a clip "Existential Reckoning" virtual concert at Arcosanti - architect Paolo Soleri's experimental town in the middle of the Arizona desert.



Born into the DROUGHT family name, Sean was destined to TAP into some THIRST-QUENCHING entrepreneurship. We caught up with him here in Scottsdale at his favorite hang out - The Wandering Tortoise to discuss his exciting new venture TAPPED MUKILTEO following the successful TAPPED CAMANO in the great NW of WA state…

HS What makes your venue unique?

Sean “The combination of a great taproom/restaurant as well as beer and wine bottle shop AND coffee shop. Also, dogs are welcome more than humans!”

HS What is your favorite beer?

Sean “My favorite local beer is Flintlock by Crucible from Everett. My fav cold weather beer would be Breakfast Stout from Founders out of Grand Rapids, MI”

HS What song in your head do you wake up to?

Sean “Soulshine by the Allman Brothers”

HS We know that incredible food is important to you – what are some of your favorite dishes and do you use local ingredients?

Sean “We certainly do our best to stay with local ingredients as well as seasonal ingredients. The fish and chips are our best seller – the breading is unique to us. My favorites are Fried Chicken Sand, Brussels Sprouts with bacon & blue cheese and our Crab Cake Salad.

HS BEST beer/taproom scene in a movie?


HS Do the taps rotate?

Sean “For sure. We do our best to have a great selection focused on, but not limited to local selections. We select which local breweries make it on tap by starting with quality but is closely followed with relationships we have with great people making killer beers.”

HS What’s the strangest beer you have ever tasted?

Sean “Ghost Faced Killah by Twisted Pines in Colorado, Brewed with ghost peppers!”

HS In terms of chemistry – what chemical element would best describe you?

Sean “Copper. It is soft, highly conductive, and resists corrosion.”

HS Any Thanksgiving secret ingredient/recipe you can share with us?

Sean “TIME would be the secret ingredient. Take moments like Thanksgiving to breath deep and simply enjoy time with friends and family. The longer a recipe takes the more time you can spend making something together.”

HS Do you ZOOM with pants on?

Sean “Does anyone?”




Where we will be talking TIKI from



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