Ready for a Spring Fling with the new "it" spirit - PINK GINS!

Embracing the wholesome 'COTTAGECORE' movement still going strong... A peek at Pivot Farm life with former NFL Seahawk Joe Tafoya & wife Brandelyn. Cure cabin Spring fever with a Tucson tip toe through the desert blooms vs a Skagit Valley Tulip Romp. Plus Film Director Mark Titus' salmon love story throwback and a brand new Spring Clean FIX!



Pink Gin started out as a "seafarers breakfast drunk to rally a man against the wiles of the ocean.." Pink Gin cocktail was fashionable in mid-19th century England, originally mixed of Plymouth gin with a dash of Angostura bitters (giving it its pinkish hue) and a lemon rind garnish. Try it combined with your favourite tonic adding fresh fruity & floral garnish - this is the on-trend cocktail of Spring!



COTTAGECORE is a nostalgic aesthetic movement celebrating an idealized, simple life centered around traditional skills & crafts such as baking, foraging, gardening, sewing etc. It's a desire to reconnect with nature in new modern ways and with more progressive values. It's not having to move out to the country necessarily, but to find a personal escape into your own ideal cottage-world. This can be everything from caring for animals, growing your own herbs, DIY-ing, hunting for antiques, wearing organic floral prints, upcycling vintage décor, or just enjoying a good old fashioned hardback novel while sipping on a handcrafted pink gin cocktail.


Former NFL Seahawk Joe Tafoya & his wife Brandelyn are not new to farm life - for their first date Brandelyn invited Joe to her barn to help shovel manure for 2 hours. Years later they have settled hardcore into their version of a Cottagecore lifestyle. Working from home & homeschooling their 2 children while raising goats, turkeys, pheasants, 10 horses, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and scores of chickens + eggs to go around. They chose the name PIVOT FARM for their homesteading adventure to represent their ability to stay adaptable not only in current times but throughout their personal & professional lives.

Q&A with Brandelyn Tafoya

You were “COTTAGECORE” before it became a movement – what

was your main inspiration growing up?

My obsession with horses forced me into the country. Though I grew up in Bellevue my love of horses led me to where I was meant to be.

Pivot Farm was introduced during the 2020 pandemic lockdown, has

this changed your relationship with your family in any way?

Our business coming to a standstill gave us time to explore new areas of our farm to create a sustainable lifestyle and provide food security for us as well as others around us. Our kids look at food differently, they understand where it comes from.

So, we hear you have “a crazy chicken lady” issue …?

There is this thing called chicken math - once you get one it just kind of multiplies and pretty soon you have like 50 chickens. It’s a real thing. Chickens are just so much fun! It’s one thing you can raise that can give something back to you daily. I'm really enjoying providing chickens to people to create food for their families.

You just received a NPIP certification – what does that entail and now mean for Pivot Farm?

NPIP Certification allows us to ship chicks and hatching eggs all around the country. It provides our customers a guarantee that our farm tests free of AI & PT along with strict biosecurity protocols.

What does a typical day look like for you?

We wake up, have our coffee and head outside and all the animals start calling out to us. We feed the horses, the chickens, goats, and let the dogs outside to run around, then it's chore after chore after chore! Collecting eggs, feeding, cleaning up after the animals, farm projects and somewhere in there we work on the kid’s homeschooling and try to make money.

Do you have any new surprises coming for Spring?

We have baby goats due in April and we will be livestreaming the baby goat pen. We purchased a new buck to be the herd sire of our goat breeding program. I'm also going to start hosting chicken classes in our barn and we're launching the sale of our farm animal puzzles on our website PIVOTFARM.COM

Can you share a favorite recipe with us?

Joe’s famous gluten free waffles! Find Pivot Farm recipes HERE

To follow Pivot Farm check out their Instagam HERE

Thanks Brandelyn!!



We love fresh new sheets to kick off that Spring Clean feeling and when we discovered Lisa Fravel's brand new company FIX LINENS, born of a quest for the perfect set of white sheets - we had to find out more. Lisa's prior career as a photo art director had her sleeping in hundreds of beds over years of world travel on the road. Today as an Airbnb Superhost, she understands the power of transformative hospitality. "I also understand the needs of vacation rental hosts and I take pride in creating exceptional experiences for my guests. Laundry? Now, that’s a different story... Tired of cheap linens, sorting sheets, and tackling rage-inducing duvet covers, I set out to design high-quality essentials that take the frustration out of making the bed." Lisa wanted to keep her solution simple: Hotel - quality, frustration-free bedding with color-coded tags & embroidery for ease of organization. Sustainability is an essential part of her core values. All FIX products are OEKO-TEX certified and tested for harmful chemicals to safeguard the health of consumers & the planet at every stage of production. Minimal packaging that includes less printed materials and as little plastic as is possible while also introducing programs to recycle, upcycle, & donate returns. High-quality, durable linens lead to longer product life cycles and waste reduction. On top of all this, she has also kept pricing affordable.



Tanque Verde Ranch

Stay in one of the Rincon Vista private Haciendas with patio views of Santa Catalina & the Rincon Mountains, providing picture perfect sunsets with the full effect of Sonoran desert cacti and wildlife viewing - road runners, jack rabbits & javelina. Horseback riding is only one of the plethora of activity options. 5-star Western Cuisine & Chef Table experiences - or just stop in for happy hour to enjoy their famous prickly pear margaritas at The Dog House Saloon.




Springtime fields of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is an easy day drive or weekend escape from Seattle to the quaint town of La Conner along the shore of the Swinomish Channel, the wintering grounds for swans and Canadian geese. Stay in ROOM 28 at La Conner Country Inn with its private courtyard and cobblestone gas fireplace. This cozy inn is in the heart of downtown within walking distance to boutique shops, art galleries and museums. Enjoy locally sourced, farm grown bounty at the Oyster & Thistle Restaurant & Pub up on the 2nd floor. Bring your four legged friends to be welcomed with treats and their own dog bed for comfy night's sleep after a romp through the tulips.


A Salmon Love Story

THROWBACK - its been 2 years since we helped plan Mark Titus' movie THE WILD premiere party. Today we celebrate the successful stopping of the proposed pebble mine in Bristol Bay, AK - the LAST pristine habitat for salmon in the world & home to more than 20 fish species, 190 bird species & 40+ mammals - but there's still more work to do!

View trailer and find salmon recipes HERE

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