Make HAY while the sun shines even if you prefer camping to glamping - we found some uncommon stays out in the wild to suit your fancy. From nature buses to airstreams, tents, teepees, trailers and even a gypsy wagon. Now for something completely un-boring - meet Ranae Holland, Animal Planet's "SCULLY" to the three "MULDERS" of Finding Bigfoot Network series. Ranae is a leading expert Field Biologist and a self described restoration ecologist: bear aficionado, field wench, fish whisperer and unicorn chaser... she talks with us about her adventures around the world. Something BIG is afoot but when you can't get out in the wild there's JUNIPER RIDGE wild-harvest scents with custom playlists, BAREFOOT ECO friendly tees, S'mores, Animarum Speakeasy and Sasquatch BBQ rub from our FAV outdoor grill guy Matt!


North American Bigfoot Center

Boring, Oregon

Information Center showcases free exhibits, artifacts and art for your enjoyment and learning. The Exhibit Hall, with an admission fee holds dozens of displays, featuring a wide array of bigfoot evidence and historical artifacts. Plus "MURPHY" life-sized Sasquatch replica and Gift Store selling all kinds of fun bigfoot/crypto-themed items.


Glamping in New Hampshire

Base camp comes with many of the comforts of home, like electricity and real beds whether a cozy tent for two or a gorgeous wood chalet for up to six. But the ultimate is the on-site Airstream Food Truck

converted into a full-service kitchen open for breakfast & dinner. Wake up to fresh crêpes every morning and to baristas happy to make you a cappuccino or fresh fruit smoothie. Dinner is hot oven pizza, fresh salad plus local microbrews and French wines for the adults.


Natural Hot Springs in Monroe, Utah

Camp out under the amazing Utah stars and wake up to the sunrise over the mountains in your choice of teepee, cabin, gypsy wagon or nature bus. The crown jewel of your visit are the hot springs given their Mystical name. The soaking area consists of six vintage cast iron bathtubs and a shallow pool 2 feet deep with a waterfall created by the minerals spilling into the side of the pool for a heavenly massage. There's a deeper 4 feet pool for stretching and strengthening muscles or floating meditation. When the sun goes down, "The Hill”, as it’s often called, also serves as a one-of-a-kind acoustic concert venue. Where else can you soak in an outdoor bathtub while watching your favorite band perform!


Glamping in Guerneville, CA

Follow the Scenic Bohemian Highway that passes through the towering redwoods and lush meadows towards the small town of Guerneville. The campgrounds at the Russian River are among the best when it comes to tent/RV camping along the banks. But another fun option is AUTOCAMP Russian River - outdoor seclusion with only a 5 minute drive into town. Book one of the four choices: airstream, luxury tent, camper, or suite - includes a clubhouse complete with bonfire and lounging chairs for evening hangouts. Enjoy morning yoga and complimentary breakfast before heading off the beaten path...


in the heart of Willamette Valley

Dayton, Oregon

Specializing in their fully restored trailers, each with their own grill and set of cruiser bikes, some even have large soaking tubs (hello bubble bath). Fun amenities and packages - the ideal getaway in the famed Willamette Wine Country. Pour a bottle of your favorite local wine and swap stories with fellow glampers while cozying up by the fire pits. It's also the perfect spot for a nightcap & S'mores!

Ranae Holland


Photo credit Discovery Communications

Q&A with Ranae

Ranae Holland is a research biologist, conservationist, writer, and speaker who thrives at the intersection of science, curiosity, and activism sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor. As an University of Washington School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences (SAFS) alum, she is a sought-after speaker, host, and correspondent who leverages her background in research biology to work with many organizations such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Her research interests span all aspects associated with restoration and conservation, with a specific focus on watershed management.

Ranae’s scientific research background led her to become a co-host of the Animal Planet TV show “Finding Bigfoot” as the resident Skeptical Scientist. With the show, she traveled the world bringing scientific methodologies to the investigation of alleged sightings. Through this experience, Ranae discovered her true mission: sharing the power of curiosity with budding scientists everywhere.

Ranae has spoken on numerous notable stages and her TEDxtalk, The Power of Curiosity, is inspired by possibility and challenges us all to keep our wonder and enthusiasm intact. She frequently appears at schools, universities, conventions, and private events to encourage people to think critically and curiously, and always look for the truth.

Facebook: Ranae Holland

Instagram: skeptiscientist

TEDx Seattle: The Power of Curiosity

Twitter: skeptiscientist


Do you recall the moment you knew that you wanted to be out in the wild following your passion?

Ranae: "I took every science course that was offered during my formative years. When I think back to my high school education, my biology teacher, Dennis Hofflander, was a huge, positive influence. I fondly remember watching Cosmos, NOVA, and all the Nature shows on PBS. I wanted to be a wildlife biologist, out in the field like Dian Fossey. And I distinctly recall sitting in a biology class and having the desire to study tigers in the jungle. Looking back, Mr. Hofflander’s guidance played a large role in my first job as a veterinary technician. It was the skills I received during my veterinary tech employment that were most influential and opened doors that led to my work with the University of Washington and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)."

Can you tell us about one of your most incredible memories out in the wild?

Ranae: "I profoundly remember the spring of 2002 when I was accepted into the University of Washington’s Alaska Salmon Program. The following summer I headed off with a small, select group of students to spend a summer at remote field stations to conduct fieldwork and receive hands-on training with leading experts in the field. For me, it’s about being immersed into a truly wild space – the absence of anthropogenic influence was deafening, delightful, and grounding. It was an incredible, life-changing experience. My body just connected to the earth… I knew this was exactly where I wanted to be."

Why do you think Animal Planet selected you to be a part of the team for FINDING BIGFOOT?

Ranae: "I will say this – I am “SCULLY”, but with three “MULDERS”. The production company wanted to cast a woman with scientific credentials, and I am since known as the Skeptical Scientist. Not sure if that was their intention, but that’s how it turned out. And to be clear, season one listed all four cast members as BFRO members (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization)only Matt is a BFRO member."

What’s the one most important thing you need when going on a sasquatch exploration?

Ranae: "The most important thing is your brain! Yes, you need to be open-minded and ask questions, but be smart. I love it when kids get excited about the outdoor world, and I ask to them to use the organ between their ears. First, BE SAFE - prepare all your safety gear, familiarize yourself with the location, vet it out, be consistent, and don’t advertise where you are headed."

Is there an off-camera funny story you can share with us?

Ranae: "Our film crew created a monthly calendar featuring Matt Moneymaker in an infamous off-camera pose. You see, Matt can fall asleep ANYWHERE and this calendar depicts 12 months of photos of Matt, and other crew members mimicking his sleeping pose, all around the globe."

Has working on the show and traveling around the world listening to stories of Bigfoot changed your opinion of their existence?

Ranae: "My dad did a great job fueling my curiosity as a child. We would often watch tv shows such as In Search of or read books about unexplained phenomena together and he would always ask, “What do you think Ranae?” He didn’t tell me what to think, he asked me what I thought. Please note, skepticism is often misunderstood. Skepticism lies in the sweet spot, smack between the extremes of cynicism and zealotry. It’s about constantly striving for critical, independent critical thinking. In my opinion, most Bigfoot reports can be explained through science, and there is currently no peer-reviewed scientific evidence that supports Bigfoot is a flesh and blood, biological species. However, there are some reports, that through the scientific lens I cannot explain. Check out my TED talk for further details on this. You know what really sticks with me. Across the world, almost all indigenous peoples have oral traditions and stories of ‘Bigfoot-type’ creatures within their culture that persist to this day."

What location was your favorite during filming for the show?

Ranae: "I have been so blessed to experience so many incredible places. Each one special in their own way. Off the top of my head, Kananaskisin, Canada for the gorgeous alpine landscape and finally visiting Lake Louise and Banff National Park. Flying into the highest and most dangerous airport in the world (Tenzing-Hillary Airport at Lukla, Nepal), helicoptering through the Khumbu River valley to visiting Rongbuk Monastery, the highest monastery in the world. Indonesia hearing a tiger and big cats in the jungle in the middle of the night, and Nepal (Tibet and Bhutan) was a dream!"

If you could choose only one person to earn the title of “sexy beast” who would that be?

Ranae: "It would have to be 6’4” former NFL Seahawk lineman, Joe Tafoya. He is a great stand-in for Sasquatch… Joe is solid, and I can say this with respect to his wife – how much I appreciate his physicality and his ridiculous eyelashes!"

What music album summarizes your life best?

Ranae: "I am a huge (Bigfoot sized) U2 fan – specifically their rhythm section. I play bass and drums, so I have the music of Larry Mullen Jr. and Adam Clayton regularly running through my head. I can’t say one album summarizes my life as I have been influenced and inspired by all the different U2 albums at different points throughout my life."

Who is your go-to Superhero?

Ranae: "All my life I have been an Aqua-Man fan. I recall watching the Justice League cartoons as a kid. I even remember loving my Justice League tennis shoes and singling out Aqua Man on them because he was my favorite. Why might you ask? Because – hello! Aqua-Man can talk to the animals!"

Anything else you would like to add?

Ranae: "Science is a verb, it’s a process and for me, a way of thinking. I have invoked the scientific process not just in my career, but all my life. Remember, we are inundated with information, and it’s up to us to vet our sources, especially when confronted with a barrage of misinformation. All the more reason why, now more than ever, it’s paramount to think independently and critically. I regularly speak at schools and universities and the reason why I love kids is because they are not jaded cynics. They have ideas about possibilities and are not afraid to share their ideas. One of my favorite quotes is from Carl Sagan – “Every kid starts out as a natural-born scientist, and then we beat it out of them. A few trickle through the system with their wonder and enthusiasm for science intact.”



Gig Harbor, WA

For those of you who want the going-on-an-exotic-safari-camp-lodge experience, ANIMARUM meaning souls in Latin, offers bespoke private

dining in an unique tent experience. Speakeasy craft cocktails with 5 course dinners - a memorable way to celebrate a special occasion with a touch of glamour. Limited seating parties of 2-6 must be 21+



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They even have their own playlists...


Mom & daughter team of earth-friendly apparel celebrating the great outdoors. Protecting the wild places & wild life of the PNW through stewardship, donations and advocacy.


The classic graham cracker, milk chocolate and marshmallow is old-school solid but these 3 new combos will elevate your taste buds. Substitute ginger snaps and add lemon curd with marshmallow for a lemony-meringue twist. Try chocolate wafers in place of grahams and melt Andes mint for a gooey grasshopper bite or get nutty - and add a Reese's peanut butter cup switch. Life is better by the camp fire!

THROWBACK 2019 - We LOVED working with Matt for a Pop Up BBQ event for Facebook!!! He's been rockin' his rubs ever since this video..

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