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sipping on a Mary... Alrigh'- fancy a drink?

Some stories say that the Bloody Mary was named as an ode to a barmaid named Mary from a Chicago cabaret called Bucket of Blood, others believe the inspiration for the name was Hollywood star Mary Pickford, alternatively the name may have arisen from "a failure to pronounce the SLAV syllables of a drink called Vladimir" in English. Bartender Fernand Petiot at The New York Bar prepared the drink for bar patron Vladimir Smirnov (of the Smirnoff Vodka family) in 1920. And then some historians believe that the cocktail was named after the famous British monarch, Queen Mary of England aka "Bloody Mary".


We were wondering if there are any "proper rules of etiquette" to serving & drinking a Bloody Mary such as those bequeathed to participating in an English Tea, pinky lifting notwithstanding...

So we asked THE KING OF BLOODY MARY MIXES himself - Demitri Pallis


There's a good reason Demitri's has won numerous awards and has become a signature specialty drink at virtually every operation serving great Bloody Marys. Demitri's® All Natural Bloody Mary Seasoning sells in hotels, bars, restaurants, golf courses and grocery stores in all 50 states. Meet Demitri Pallis, empire entrepreneur & Mercer Island's most eligible bachelor - his story began in 1988 working at the popular jazz club, The New Orleans Restaurant in Seattle's Pioneer Square. He was frustrated at the inconsistent flavor & quality of his bar's Bloody Marys, so he set out on a journey in mixology that would change the course of his life with a recipe that is now synonymous with the perfect Mary.

We caught up with him before the big game.

Q&A with Demitri

HS- Are there any proper rules of etiquette in the participation of making/drinking a Bloody Mary?

D-"When making your Bloody Mary, let your tongue be your guide. One of my favorite things about a Bloody Mary is how versatile they are. You mess with a Manhattan too much and it’s no longer a Manhattan. On the other hand, you can tailor a Bloody Mary just the way you like it. Hot and spicy, savory, garden-fresh or even on the sweet side. Start with the basics and go from there!"

HS- Can there ever be too much meat garnish? Is tofu allowed?

D-"No rules. Meat, fried goodies, cheese, veggies, even fruit make fun garnishes. Just make sure you don’t add so many that the glass tips over!"

HS- What would you consider as "going Full Monty" on a Bloody Mary?

D-"Full Monty? Sure! As long as no one else is looking… I mean, drinking a Bloody Mary while naked is fun, but probably not a sharable event."

HS- We know you are a huge ski fan and NW sports guy - but have you ever played any Cricket?

D-"Nope. Never even held a cricket paddle, or bat, or whatever it’s called, but I’ve EATEN more than a few crickets, Chapulines! They’re delish! Especially after several shots of Mezcal…"

HS-What's your favorite NW past time?

D-"Skiing. Definitely. When it’s not winter, I love to take my truck and camper to remote destinations to mountain bike, hike, or just chill. I also like to spend the morning shopping for dinner goodies and then take all afternoon to drink crisp white wine and cook it all up. Sometimes eating what I’ve just made is fun, and, well, sometimes it’s not…"

HS-You have a fantastic team you work with - tell us about your corporate culture?

D-"Family first. For sure. We all have lives, and though selling spicy sauce provides well for us all, we all have friends, family and personal time to maintain. I like to hire good people and get out of their way. I meet one to one with my executives every week so we can update each other on the latest happenings and our progress on specific projects and events."

HS-DEMITRIS does so much to support local community. Tell us about your charity work?

D-"Thanks for asking! Indeed, I truly believe that if we have the ability to help, it’s our responsibility to do so. I have been on the board of The Matt Talbot Center for 6 years. The Matt Talbot Center is a 100% privately-funded drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that is free and offers immediate care to anyone that walks in the door. We also give to Seattle Children’s Hospital, Heifer International, and through a special SIP (Shelter In Place) kit we created recently, we’re donating $5 from every order to Meals on Wheels. So far, we’ve donated over $2,000 to Meals on Wheels."

HS-If you could mix a Bloody Mary with any Bloke (living or deceased)- who would that be? and why?

D-"Easy! Anthony Bourdain. He was a trouble-maker, great chef, crass & crusty. What’s not to love!"

HS- Favourite British Band? - song?

D-"Tough one. Zep, Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Stones, The Clash, The Jam… I’d probably have to go with Led Zeppelin. Breaks my heart to pick them over the others, but Led Zeppelin has always been a standard for me. Favorite song; well, my 9 year old son’s favorite Zep song is Immigrant Song, and mine is probably Communication Breakdown from their first album. Brutal question!!! Love all these bands SO much!!!"

HS- Best scene with a Bloody Mary in a movie?

D-"Thunderball, when Domino Vitali stirs her Bloody Mary with her finger. That’s one lucky Bloody Mary!"

HS- Best place in the world to enjoy a Bloody Mary?

D-"Another easy one! Somewhere tropical, 11am breakfast near the ocean with someone special, followed by a dip in the water.."

HS- You've won many awards for your Bloody Mary mixes - which one stands out for you?

D-"My very first, highly coveted First Place Golden Chili. To date, we’ve now won 15 of them!"


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