How Do Socialites

Aye, not so bad you say...

We're not going to fanny around here & just get straight

to the bloody point of this issue - Sunday, Super Bowl and

sipping on a Mary... Alrigh'- fancy a drink?

Some stories say that the Bloody Mary was named as an ode to a barmaid named Mary from a Chicago cabaret called Bucket of Blood, others believe the inspiration for the name was Hollywood star Mary Pickford, alternatively the name may have arisen from "a failure to pronounce the SLAV syllables of a drink called Vladimir" in English. Bartender Fernand Petiot at The New York Bar prepared the drink for bar patron Vladimir Smirnov (of the Smirnoff Vodka family) in 1920. And then some historians believe that the cocktail was named after the famous British monarch, Queen Mary of England aka "Bloody Mary".


We were wondering if there are any "proper rules of etiquette" to serving & drinking a Bloody Mary such as those bequeathed to participating in an English Tea, pinky lifting notwithstanding...

So we asked THE KING OF BLOODY MARY MIXES himself - Demitri Pallis