Even if you weren't born with an interplanetary name like X AE A-12 Musk, you can still SPACE OUT the galaxy here with us. Arizona is no stranger to portals and unexplained flying objects - from the Vortex power spots of Sedona to the Phoenix Lights of the skies in 1997...

But let us begin with a topic that EVERYBODY LOVES - Keanu Reeves!


We wonder what's in store for Super Bowl LV commercials & we're betting there might be more reflections of the higher universe... Kinda like this ad for Squarespace with Matrix star, Keanu Reeves. While filming on set in the Mojave Desert, Reeves exclaimed that "humanity is showing signs of freedom from 'The Matrix' - what a moment to be alive! We are living in exciting times." You can read the full article here - if ya missed this commercial SEE IT HERE

Speaking about the desert - here are some far out places

to wander and wonder about...

Space out in the Bohemian Far West of Marfa, Texas

Nomadic lodging for wanderers with wide open spaces and huge sky included in every reservation. At an altitude of 4800 ft. on the high plains of Chihuahuan desert is Marfa, Texas. A unique cross roads of international Art Mecca meets rural Southwest culture. "Desert where once was ocean, dinosaur homeland & Apache territory - there is talk of an inexplicable and elusive phenomenon of lights." Perhaps you can see them from your own private yurt, tepee, safari tent, airstream, trailer, or the COSMIC KASITA - a limited edition collaboration between EL COSMICO & award winning micro-home builder KASITA, calling this "the biggest little space in Texas".

There's Burning Man & then there's desert art living - Bombay Beach, Borrego Springs, Salvation Mountain & East Jesus in Slab City, CA


AREA15 is a bold development project off the Las Vegas Strip that weaves a whole new out-of-this-world immersive experience of art installations and themed events working with local as well as international artists. Coming soon with tickets going on sale January 19th, MEOW WOLF's 2nd permanent installation inside of AREA15 - OMEGA MART "an interactive, mind-bending art experience. Participants explore an extraordinary supermarket that bursts into surreal worlds & unexpected landscapes. Discover secret portals or simply soak up the innovative art as your venture beyond an interactive supermarket into parts unknown" Open to all ages.


ET Ambassador from OJAI

Meet Extraterrestrial Ambassador, Scientist and our friend,

Mark Sims - we had the opportunity to work with him on The Harmonic Convergence 2020 and see some first hand contact ourselves...

Read all about this in an article from Ojai Magazine Fall 2020

Come & Get Some Love from this Redbone video by Juan E Bedolla

Join us next time when we talk with the King of Bloody Mary Mixes

Demitri Pallis of Demitri's Bloody Mary Mix



Congrats to the WINNERS of our 'your interpretation of tiki-style' contest! You all get a STELLAR URBANSALT intergalactic cap (unisex-size) Contact us directly to choose a color & we'll mail it to you!!