WISH MAN of Prescott


Here we are in the Wild, Wild West of Prescott, Arizona where the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday ran amuck amongst the saloons of Whiskey Row. Residence of MAKE-A-WISH founder Frank Shankwitz, making May 1st officially Frank Shankwitz Day by the Prescott City Council. It's been A HELLUVA RIDE to celebrate his life & accomplishments. We spoke with Theo Davies Director of WISH MAN(the movie) about Frank's life story. Meet Clarissa Burt, the actress who portrayed Ellen in the movie. Plus "The Wildest Jeweler in the Wild West", getting superstitious about some mead wine, our top PRESS'KIT PICKS out+about Whiskey Row & we just can't stop raving about RAVEN!



"The Wildest Jeweler in the Wild West"

Kit Carson specializes in unique engraved jewelry made of high grade gemstones with an Art Nouveau design style. His ROCK STAR clientele includes everyone from Elton John & Alice Cooper to George Clooney & Bruce Springsteen. Loyal customer, the late Robin Williams said "Kit Carson's work is like Rene LaLique meets Dr.Suess at the high noon bar." Custom guitars are also part of his repertoire. Shown here is "The Billy" Custom Fender Telecaster he created for Billy Gibbons of ZZ TOP. His current line of jewelry is called Romantic Rust. An on-going series that includes cuffs from license plates, chains, and Bola Ties with hood ornaments. He says he has a lust for rust, or what others might call rusty junk that has been left behind in the Wild West. Each piece he creates is "one-of-a-kind-out-of-my-mind".

Prescott Tasting Room


Not just for Vikings, Superstition Meadery set out “To reintroduce the world’s oldest fermented beverage to mankind” owners Jeff + Jen work hard every day to maintain the world class distinction their products have achieved. They have introduced over 300 unique meads and hard ciders since 2012, ranging from dry to sweet & sparkling to still. They spare no expense in sourcing the very best ingredients & packaging formats to properly craft & display their unique flavors.


We can't stop raving about Raven Cafe's ALL-ORGANIC espresso bar and rooftop seating for our morning coffee and breakfast. As a 3-Star Certified Green Restaurant its the first restaurant in Yavapai County to earn this distinction! Local craft beer, wines, ciders & mead along with an innovative menu focused on organic ingredients from local sources. Weekends offer the best in up-and-coming local music as outdoor live events resume on the patio(weather permitting)


out + about Whiskey Row

MUST DO Whiskey Row, BEST Saloon Bite at The Palace - Bourbon with a bite of crispy brussels sprouts pancetta, parmesan & balsamic glaze.

BEST place to do the 2-Step at Matt's Saloon, FRESHEST salad with house-made dressings at Limoncello's, COOLEST cowboy mural around the corner from Lyzzard's Lounge, BEST socially distanced jazz trio at Raven Cafe, COZIEST firepit patio & cottagecore comfort - Sheldon Street Lodge, BEST restaurant reservation to make in advance at Farm Provisions, and QUIRKIEST place to meet at El Gato Azul restaurant.

WISH MAN - the movie


Film Director

1st photo I'm waiting for the camera to be moved to set up the next shot. 2nd Frank and I discussing the intricacies of the motorcycle crash. 3rd I'm directing Chris Day, who played Frank as a young boy.

"In May 2013, when I first started working on the screenplay for WISH MAN, the first shot I envisioned was actually the last shot of the movie! I have always liked the final shots of my films to be a dreamy, idealized view of reality - a private moment involving the hero or heroine of the story. These are usually romantic shots that depict our hero going home. In WISH MAN, I knew we would be using titles on screen in the conclusion of the story to share additional information with the audience about what happened to Frank, his mother, his father and the Make-A-Wish foundation. I also wanted to include Frank riding a motorcycle somewhere in the film. So, the first shot I came up with back in May 2013 was the real Frank Shankwitz riding his motorcycle on a deserted Arizona highway. I wanted a wide shot with the camera mounted twenty feet in the air behind him as he rode his motorcycle in true heroic, stoic fashion. This way, we could capture Frank and his motorcycle, as well as the stunning Arizona landscape in the distance behind him. There were also two factors that made this final shot of the movie even more special. Firstly, Frank got to ride a 1970s Kawasaki Highway Patrol motorcycle - the same one he rode when he was an Arizona DPS motorcycle cop in the 1970s and 1980s. And secondly, we ended up shooting that final shot on a highway heading towards Granite Mountain, where Frank's real house is located. The shot encapsulated Frank "going home" better than I ever could have imagined."

American actress, TV personality & international top model - Clarissa Burt portrayed Ellen in the film WISH MAN about Make-A-Wish founder Frank Shankwitz's life. We caught up with her in Prescott...

Q&A with Clarissa Burt


"I was thrilled to meet Frank in Prescott, AZ 10 years ago at an auction event. I saw him and just went up to him and we began chatting...I introduced him to Greg Reid and Secret Knock which is the world's most exclusive & high-level business networking event. They became fast friends like a 'Bromance' and Greg asked Frank what his own wish would be? Frank replied "a legacy piece like a movie - something for my kids and grandkids.." Greg helped make the movie happen and I am thrilled to be a producer on the film. I portray Ellen, Frank's beloved step-mother in the movie and I was extremely touched to do that!"



" I was born in Philadelphia and I'm 100% Irish but I moved to Italy to pursue a modeling career which was one of the top highlights of my life. I was part of many beauty campaigns and magazine covers and it was all so much fun. My most memorable runway was in Rome, walking down the Spanish Steps in teetering high heels and a ballgown while still trying to look graceful. I moved back and parlayed into acting and then later into television production."


"Today I produce a digital magazine called IN THE LIMELIGHT which is a multi-media platform that consists of video, television, podcast & a digital magazine. Its intelligent media for the savvy entrepreneur to promote their businesses and services. I found a niche in the market as far as helping entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to get their message out."


" Oh Kitty is just the best! You know Kitty, she doesn't like the spotlight and she doesn't talk too much but she was always there to support Frank. I remember when we went to the film's premier in LA together and Frank was saying this is all because of you Clarissa and it just melted my heart. He was a Big Guy with a Big Heart and Big Visions leaving behind a Big Legacy!"

Thank you Clarissa!

THROWBACK - Prescott, AZ this little apartment back in the ol' college days with best friend Amy Trathen when our upstairs neighbor was Iggy Pop's son Eric...


Declared MAY 1st

The Prescott, AZ City Council voted on April 27th, 2021 to recognize Frank's many contributions by declaring May 1st Frank Shankwitz Day. Hundreds of motorcyclists (Wish Riders) and visitors came to gather in Prescott AZ (Frank's hometown)on May 1st to honor the life of one of the "10 Most Amazing Arizonans" - Creator and Co-Founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. ONE HELLUVA RIDE started in New River, AZ at the Roadrunner Restaurant & Saloon ending up at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds - an ample social distancing event space filled with friends tributes, food and entertainment to celebrate their hometown Hero. Memorial tributes have been placed throughout Prescott from Western Heritage Center to the Palace Saloon which was part of the movie set for 2019 motion picture WISH MAN, about Frank's life story. In addition to his efforts with Make-A-Wish, Frank was a board member with U.S. Vets, The Wounded Blue, & Level Up Seattle. Frank was a U.S. Air Force Veteran & had a long & distinguished career in AZ law enforcement. He was widely loved & respected in the biker community.

RIP FRANK 1943-2021

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